Preserve Disc

fruit preserve disc

Fresh Keeper is a revolutionary device to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in your refrigerators for more than 10 days by absorbing the fruit ripening gas. ‘Ethylene’ trapped in refrigerators over-ripens the fresh produce.The bright colours and firmness is lost, nutrition is reduced and fungus causes decay of fresh produce. Freshkeeper is revolutionizing ‘how to keep vegetables fresh in the fridge’ so you can preserve maintain your vegetable and fruit preserve for longer.


Easy to use and lasts for 3 months.

What you buy fresh shall remain fresh


  • Keep the quality of fresh produce inside your fridge
  • Remove odours and other harmful gases
  • Reduce waste, eat healthier and save money

Freshkeeper oxidizes ethylene gas, eliminating it from your fridge crisper.

The process of oxidation is completely safe and nontoxic and the only byproducts of the process are H2O (Water) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which do not cause any damage to your fresh produce or the environment.